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KCU Young Library Policies and Procedures During Covid-19

This guide will help you determine how to access Young Library resources and assistance during the Covid-19 Pandemic.




Sanitizing will be conducted within the library daily.

Different areas of the library will be sanitized based on amount of usage in order to be sure resources are safe for patrons to use.


  • Door handles and handicap buttons will be sanitized regularly throughout the day.
  • Tables will be wiped down daily.
  • Computers will be sanitized daily with a microbial spray.


  • Door handles - entering and exiting handles will be sanitized on the front entrance doors, the back exit door, the conference room doors, and the bathroom doors.
  • Table tops will be wiped down at closing.


  • Disinfectant and paper towels will be used on door handles, tabletops, and computer screens daily.
  • A sanitizing spray will be used on keyboards and mice every evening.


We realize that no one person can see everything that needs to be disinfected at every moment of every day.  Our housekeeping department at KCU is excellent and they are professionals.  They will be in the library daily to clean.  However, if you are anxious about using a table without wiping it down first, please see a library supervisor.  We are happy to supply you with materials to sanitize your table or computer before usage.