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KCU Young Library Policies and Procedures During Covid-19

This guide will help you determine how to access Young Library resources and assistance during the Covid-19 Pandemic.



Masks must be worn at all times in the Library by all patrons.  We are concerned about all of our library users and believe that this is the best way that we can contribute to the safety of everyone - users and employees.  You are responsible for providing a mask to wear. 

Please see the box below if you would like to find an alternative way to access library resources.


You are asked to have a mask on before you enter the front door of the library. 

  • Your mask needs to be worn for the entire time that you are in the library. 
  • Your mask must be worn while you are using our computers.
  • Your mask must be worn if you are using any of the small meeting rooms.  The ability to social distance in these rooms is minimal.
  • Food and drinks are still allowed in the library.  However, your masks should be replaced between "sips" or "bites" of food as much as possible.


Social distancing can be difficult to maintain as people are entering and leaving the library.  You must leave your mask on if you are in the building.  The final answer is: Always.


Your mask should cover your nose and your mouth at all times.  If your mask is being worn incorrectly,  you will be asked to make adjustments.  Incorrect ways to wear your mask include:

  • The mask only covers your mouth.
  • The mask is pulled down below your chin.



We are anxious to meet the needs of all of our patrons.  We are aware that some patrons do have medical reasons that they are unable to wear a mask.  If you are in need of library resources or services, please contact a librarian before arriving.  We are happy to find a way to deliver services to you.  Here are some examples of how we can modify our services:

  • Our card catalog can be viewed at home on any device that has internet access.  This includes phones and tablets.  The direct link to our catalog is  Once you have selected any books, DVDs, or audiobooks that you would like to check out, send the list to and we will remove the books from the shelves and check them out to you.  We will notify you when they are ready to be picked up and we will deliver them to your vehicle.
  • Items that need to be printed can be emailed to any of the emails that have been provided on the home page.  They can be delivered to your vehicle. Copies are 10 cents/ page.
  • If copies are needed of a particular document, Patrons can provide pictures of the documents and email them to the library and they can be printed out.
  • Please contact us for assistance.  We want to keep everyone safe.