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KCU Young Library Policies and Procedures During Covid-19

This guide will help you determine how to access Young Library resources and assistance during the Covid-19 Pandemic.


Social distancing is encouraged at all times in the library.

Librarians will be monitoring the library for social distancing and maximum capacity.  Reminders have been placed throughout the library to maintain social distancing.  Students are encouraged to find a seat and remain seated as much as possible during their time in the library.  Constant moving around the library increases the difficulty in maintaining social distancing.

WHEN: Signage is currently in place.


  • Look for signs on the floor that will indicate how far away you will need to stand from the person in line in front of you.
  • Look for signs on each table.  They will remind you to social distance when you are at a table.


  • The door of the electronic classroom will remain open at all times to encourage good ventilation.


Circulation desk library staff will count as patrons enter and will monitor the number of patrons in the library.  All community patrons will be required to sign in as part of our Computer use policy and for contact tracing purposes. Students will be prioritized over community patrons if capacity becomes an issue.